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CIT technology has developed a revolutionary two-step process to create solid copper circuitry directly from digital files. The process patterns a catalytic ink and then immerses the image in an electroless plating solution to deposit solid metal onto the desired pattern.

Because the process additively builds circuits, ink and metal are only deposited where required by the design. The result is a significantly smaller waste stream and environmental footprint relative to traditional circuit fabrication processes.

Inkjet catalyst

Industrial inkjet printing offers a breakthrough technology as a low-cost digital method of producing printed electronics.

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Flexo catalyst

Flexographic printing is a faster and higher resolution alternative to inkjet printing and is ideal for high-volume, low-mix applications.

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Photoimageable catalyst

Pre-coated photoimageable catalytic films have been developed to support sub 5 micron feature sizes in a simple, fast, roll-to-roll process.

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